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Resident Evil 4 HD PS4

Resident Evil 4 HD PS4
Resident Evil 4 HD PS4
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In Resident Evil 4, U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy must investigate the kidnapping of the President's daughter by a mysterious cult known as Los Illuminados. Leon's search brings him to a rural village in Europe, where he encounters a horde of unimaginable horrors and must fight to uncover who or what is behind it all.

With gameplay focused on visceral gunplay, this critically-acclaimed chapter in the Resident Evil saga revolutionized the series. Resident Evil 4 boasts chilling and action-packed encounters with enemies en masse in mysterious, booby-trapped areas. With the ability to fire more ammunition and defeat more foes at once, the gameplay in Resident Evil 4 contains some of the most frenetic and intense combat in the series to date.


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