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Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Nintendo Switch)

Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Nintendo Switch)
Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Nintendo Switch)
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  • The improved turn-based combat system allows you to experience the excitement of the main Monster Hunter titles while engaging in epic, strategic fights with monsters you encounter during your adventure. Use your knowledge of your opponent's characteristics to attack effectively and take down even the toughest of monsters. Stories 2 offers an ever-increasing sense of accomplishment and hunting thrill as the narrative unfolds. "
  • "In Multiplayer, you can connect with players from around the world! Team up in Co-Op Expedition Quests or face off against each other in Versus Battles. If one of you engages a monster while out in the field, the other player can enter the fray and lend a helping hand. Join forces with other Riders from around the world to search for rare eggs and take down fearsome monsters together.

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