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Samurai Warriors 5 - Nintendo Switch

Samurai Warriors 5 - Nintendo Switch
Samurai Warriors 5 - Nintendo Switch
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  • As the latest numbered entry in the Samurai warriors franchise, the story, characters, and visuals have been re-imagined to set the stage for a thrilling new series
  • The story takes place after the ōnin war during the Golden age of the sengoku period, and features a story that centers on the lives of two of the most representative military commanders of this era
  • Choose from a number of new and returning characters while utilizing new abilities to take on evolving enemy forces
  • Enjoy exhilarating strategic action on an evolved battlefield. Enemy forces continue to evolve as time passes in the story, making full use of a number of different military tactics to take on the player
  • All-new Musou actions have been added to the series - including newly designed Musou Frenzy Attacks - elevating the thrill of blowing away hordes of enemy soldiers in exhilarating fashion

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