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Nioh 2 - Special Edition (PS4)

Nioh 2 - Special Edition (PS4)
Nioh 2 - Special Edition (PS4)
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    • Discover traditional melee and ranged weapons.
    • Learn a variety of deadly new samurai skills.
    • Change your combat stance to perform specific moves, with each stance having its own strengths and weaknesses.
    • Prepare for the fight of your life in a revamped combat system.
    • Embrace the yokai shift to unleash your inner demon and wield devastating powers.
    • Travel through the Dark Realm, a strange plane of existence empowering demons with enhanced abilities.
    • Create and customize your own male or female samurai.
    • Experience a twisting tale where fact meets fiction.
    • Join friends online in multiplayer modes for two or three players: summon allies to your aid in Visitors or play completed levels together in Expeditions.


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